Published: September 4th, 2017

Fusilier Trad Regt Logo

I give a warm welcome to the following, who from 1 September 2017 are now back under the command of Fifth Fusiliers:

  • A (Fusilier) Company based in Sheldon, Birmingham
  • C (City of London Fusiliers) Company based in Balham
  • The Machine Gun Platoon based in Bury

And with effect from 1st October 2017 Fifth Fusiliers will be formally ‘paired’ with First Fusiliers, providing individual and formed reinforcements in the Armoured Infantry role.

Importantly, the Regiment has now re-established a country-wide Regimental presence across our four antecedent Fusilier areas.  This is fantastic news and further strengthens the Regiment.  Let’s now really capitalise on this excellent development.

“I welcome feedback from anyone in the Fusilier family.  Whether it’s your experience at the sharp end, ideas for the Regiment or issues you don’t feel are being sorted, let me know at [email protected]