Fusilier Journals 14 and 15 have been well received.  The A4 size, the use of colour and the increased number of photos have reinvigorated our Regimental Journal.  The Fusilier Journal 16 (J16) will build on this success.  J16 will be:

  • Easier for you to write
  • Easier for our audience to read
  • Better structured with more logical groupings
  • And will introduce a ‘War Diary’ concept to aid future research.

Our Journal goes to over 4,000 Fusilier friends and allies across the MOD, HQ Land, HQ Infantry, Parliament, Civic Dignitaries, and decision makers across public and private sector.  The Journal is our opportunity to show them all what we do and how good we are.

The detailed instructions for contributing to the Journal are here:  RHQ JOURNAL 16 Instruction Letter