The Fifth Fusiliers have recently grown in size and coverage, incorporating two more Companies from traditional Fusilier recruiting areas.  The Fifth are now the largest they have ever been, with bases and troops across all of England.

They now incorporate A Company based in Sheldon, Birmingham, C Company based in Balham, and the Machine Gun Platoon based in Bury. All were formerly under command of non-Fusilier regiments.

To mark this major milestone in the Regiment’s history the new Fifth Fusiliers recently held a two-week long camp at Stanford Training Area, Thetford, Norfolk

Over 150 Fusiliers attended the specialist camp which included live firing on ranges, training on specialist and support weapons, a four-day field exercise and an adventure training package. It also included a visit to the Regimental Headquarters in the Tower of London.

Lt Col Jeremy Dodd, Commanding Officer of the Fifth Fusiliers said:

This training package has seen FIFTH FUSILIERS conduct some excellent and significant training. We have fully embraced the opportunities provided by our pairing with FIRST FUSILIERS to conduct low level Armoured Infantry training whilst ensuring all our soldiers are highly competent on basic skills and drills in the field. We have also welcomed our brother Fusiliers from A Coy, C Coy and the MG Platoon Bury and I have been overwhelmed by the attendance and support from these sub unit.”

As well as this increase in size, the Fifth Fusiliers is now paired with the Regular First Fusiliers, providing individual and formed reinforcements in the Armoured Infantry role