On 26 July 2016, the Colonel of the Regiment issued Regimental Orders at RMA Sandhurst.  The Colonel’s orders were based on the Regimental Strategy, Op Order and Campaign Plan.  There were 6 Lines of Operation:

  1. Promote and enhance our reputation.
  2. Promote and support the Regiment.
  3. Support the wider Regimental Family.
  4. Preserve our proud heritage.
  5. Maximise our talent.
  6. Finance.

Each is owned by a senior Fusilier Officer, but contributions will be needed from all the Regiment.

2018 Update

The 2016 Strategy looked out for five years.

However, following the Army 2020 Refine work and other recent changes, it was decided to review and update the Strategy at the mid-way point.  The updated Strategy reflects the new environment which we as a Regiment face, and the Regimental Council has agreed the update.

The amended Regimental Strategy can be downloaded here:

2018 Update of Regimental Strategy

The supporting 2018 Op Order can be downloaded here Fusiliers Regimental Op Order 18-19 final