Promoting the RegimentFusilier Master Logo Trad

One of the Col of the Regt’s strategic objectives is to Promote and Support the Regiment.  This has led to a dedicated Regimental Marketing Team with the aim:


To raise the Regiment’s profile in our selected target audiences with a clear differentiation from other regiments, so we become a strong attraction for potential recruits and a deserving home for financial and moral support.


Marketing the Regiment to our external audiences is everyone’s responsibility, from the Col of the Regt to the newest Fusilier.  During 2017, the Marketing Team have:


  • updated our logo
  • developed additional straplines (working with the Fusilier family)
  • identified our target audiences
  • and created the messages we want to give them.


They have also produced a Marketing Handbook to help everyone in the Fusilier Family get our message across to those who don’t really know us.


The Handbook is here: Regimental Marketing Handbook. It gives all the information you need to tell people about us.  It covers:


  • What to say in ‘immediate action situations’ for example, on an unexpected phone call
  • Who our target audiences are, and the messages tailored for them
  • The new straplines and where to use them
  • The hashtags we should use on Regimental twitter sites
  • Factual information about the Regiment


Feel free to download it, print it off as a booklet and use it whenever you can to spread a consistent message about who we are and our differentiation