English Infantry in the British Army

We are Armoured Infantry in the UK’s elite Reaction Force, and train hard to fight easy. We are renowned as tough partners in combat, doing the job without fuss or frills.

  • First Fusiliers are based in Tidworth, equipped with the WARRIOR Armoured Infantry fighting vehicle.
  • Fifth Fusiliers specialise in light role operations and are headquartered in Newcastle, with Companies across the NE, and in Bury, Sheldon and  London.
  • Both battalions have the ability to deploy highly motivated and trained soldiers who can adapt quickly to any challenging scenario.

The Fusiliers have been involved in every major conflict in the last 400 years, but more recently in Northern Ireland, Iraq (Op TELIC), and Afghanistan (Op HERRICK). Here are some videos that show the Regiment in action:

A short history of the FUSILIERS

1 FUSILIERS 2019 Range Week

Fusiliers in Urban combat

Proud of our history in so many campaigns, serving and retired Fusiliers share the strong family motto:

‘”Once a Fusilier, Always a Fusilier”