Our serving soldiers receive this message through the chain of command but we are asking for support from veterans attending the match to address some negative behaviours that have become associated with the Army Navy match. No matter who does the bad behaviours, they negatively affect the Army.

The Army and Navy are really keen for the match to continue – it is a fantastic celebration of top-level sport and all of it’s good aspects. Unfortunately there has been a very small minority engaging in anti-social behaviour which reflects badly on the Services – often specifically the Army. These behaviours include:  excessive alcohol consumption; urinating in public; unacceptable anti-social “boorish” behaviour; and littering.

This year, in conjunction with the Army Navy Match Committee there is a campaign to address some of these behaviours and we are asking supporters to ‘bring their ‘A’ game’.

This is about:


  • Being the best supporters that they can be. The game is a celebration of top-level Service sport representing the best values and attributes of service life. It is a high-profile event and people will be watching us – and we will be recognisably Army and Navy supporters. Let’s show off the best of our respective Services to the people we meet on the day. Supporters are asked to show pride in their team and to give other people a reason to be proud of the Navy and the Army.


  • Respect. Respecting the hard work of the players, match officials and organisers who have trained for, or organised the match. Equally it is about respecting the Twickenham local residents, who feel the brunt of this match more than any of the other fixtures in the sporting year.


  • Empowerment. Feeling empowered to step in if they see something going wrong (where it is safe to do so). Anti-social behaviour reflects badly on the Service community – both serving and retired and we should do what we can to prevent it.


Army Navy – key messages about behaviour


  • Supporters are requested to respect the players, match officials and the local community.
  • The Match is a high-profile celebration of top-level Service sport.
  • The Women’s Match is to be played in Twickenham stadium for the first time.
  • There is a change in tone of the Match to a more family friendly event, including a specific zone for families separate from rowdier crowds.
  • Antisocial behaviour (public urination, excessive drunkenness, offensive language and behaviour) has no place at the match and in the local area.
    • Significant mitigations have been put in place to limit poor behaviours and make it a better day for everyone:
    • Fixed Penalty Notices for anti-social behaviour
    • Stewards on the routes
    • Increased provision of loos
    • Movement and transport has been subject to extensive exercising and testing by Met Police and British Transport Police.