Published: August 16th, 2016

RRF official badge and hackleOn 23 April 2018, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be 5o years old.  It will be the most significant year of our Fusilier generation and I want us all to commemorate the occasion – and to celebrate it in true Fusilier style.


RHQ have started planning for Fusilier 50 and I have set the following aims:


  • To celebrate 50 years of the Regiment serving Her Majesty and our Country.


  • To unite and re-unite the past and present members of the Regiment and antecedent Regiments in a broad range of events in order to raise the profile of the Fusiliers across the Country and our principal Regimental Areas.  The outline of events is here


  • To strengthen the Areas’ links with allied and affiliated regiments and ships.


  • To develop and strengthen links with potential benefactors and supporters of the Regiment.


  • To engage with the wider community in innovative ways to show the Fusiliers off, and to support our recruiting effort.


I have asked Col Brian Gorski, Colonel Heritage, to chair the Fusilier 50 Planning Committee, working with the Regt Sec.  It will take considerable effort to make 2018 the success we Fusiliers expect, so volunteers who wish to be part of the Committee are most welcome. Please email the Regt Sec if you wish to play your part in Fusilier 50.


Let’s all make Fusilier 50 the success it deserves.



“I welcome feedback from anyone in the Fusilier family.  Whether it’s your experience at the sharp end, ideas for the Regiment or issues you don’t feel are being sorted, let me know at [email protected]