Published: September 21st, 2017

ResizedImage23745-ST-colour-solid-highresYou will see on the News page Preventing Suicide – helping ourselves, helping each other that we are setting up a programme to train people to watch for signs of potential suicide and how to help prevent it.

I am very keen that as many people as possible receive the training; I will ensure I do mine with First Fusiliers.  We need to be able to look after one another – this is as important as Battlefield Medical Training and, as we recently saw in Northumberland, it can genuinely save lives.

Let’s get the message out; this is what OAFAAF is all about!


“I welcome feedback from anyone in the Fusilier family.  Whether it’s your experience at the sharp end, ideas for the Regiment or issues you don’t feel are being sorted, let me know at [email protected]