Published: July 27th, 2016

Thank you to all those who attended the Regimental Orders session here at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst yesterday. I was delighted with the turnout; this is something we will try to do once a year. If nothing else it is an opportunity to get the family together.

The aim was to provide some context, set out the direction of travel for the next 5 years, and deliver orders for the next 12 months. The Strategy, Vision and OpO are all now on the Regimental webpage; please read them.

I am now looking to you, the Regimental family, to get behind this Plan. I concluded yesterday’s gathering with 3 key points:

1. Armed with the direction, everyone should ask ‘what you can I do to help the regiment.’
2. We need to ensure we speak with one Fusilier voice.
3. The regimental Centre of Gravity is our reputation.

I would like to thank the Plans Team, headed up by Col Jim Taylor, for the hard work they put into yesterday’s orders. Please let me know how you think it went and, most importantly, do use this blog to seek any clarification.

Thanks again for your support.


“I welcome feedback from anyone in the Fusilier family.  Whether it’s your experience at the sharp end, ideas for the Regiment or issues you don’t feel are being sorted, let me know at [email protected]