Published: July 11th, 2016

221 Personality Portrait From RMAS Commandant Major General P AThis is my first blog as Colonel, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. In a couple of weeks I intend to deliver Regimental Orders. Part of those orders will detail how we improve the passage of information across the wider regimental family.


This blog is designed to allow me to communicate with you all directly; it is not designed to bypass the chain of command. It is a tool I will use to ensure you are all kept informed of important, and often developing, regimental issues.


I will use it to ask for your feedback and opinion, and I assure you that any sensible issues raised by you will be dealt with as soon as is practically possible – be that by me personally or by RHQ.

“I welcome feedback from anyone in the Fusilier family.  Whether it’s your experience at the sharp end, ideas for the Regiment or issues you don’t feel are being sorted, let me know at [email protected]