RHQ has been approached by Mr Bob Jeffrey, who is a local North Tyneside playwright.

Bob has written and is producing a play called Dragon.  The play’s title comes from the sign that A Company Group, 2nd Fusiliers put up at Now Zad in 2006:

“Welcome to the Dragon’s Lair, Home of Fire Support Group Second Fusiliers.”

The play is a fictitious drama about a veteran struggling to adjust to civilian life because of mental health issues caused by the military experiences of combat.  The aim of the play is to raise awareness about veterans’ mental health issues.  It will be opening at the Newcastle Arts Centre, Westgate Road in October 2017 (exact dates tbc).

Dragon is non-profit making project and supported by Newcastle’s Live Theatre, The Royal British Legion, Forward-Assist, Changing-Lives (formerly the Cyrenians), and Northumbria University’s Veteran’s Hub Unit.

Bob is a former police officer but has since worked in teaching, and social work, specialising in teenage careers work.  He has also worked with people with mental illness.

Bob has asked the Regiment to help him in the production of the play in the following ways:

  • He would like to speak to any serving members or veterans of the Regiment who were at Now Zad in 2006 to ensure accuracy and realism in the play.
  • Invite members of the Regiment to attend the performance of the play
  • He is looking for an adviser with Afghanistan experience to sit in on a script reading and rehearsals and provide advice on technical issues for about half a day.

If serving or former Fusiliers wish to assist Bob, then could they please contact RHQ at: [email protected]