David James-Roll is a former OC W Company 1 FUSILIERS and is now the Head of Business Operations for Euro Car Parks.  He has a number of roles that he needs to fill:

  • Parking Attendant positions which would suit those in areas of low employment, or those who looking to bolster an existing pension
  • Junior management roles which require experience in managing teams and systems. These would suit a former corporal/sergeant with Ops Room/Sigs Platoon experience.

The roles are dotted around the UK and Ireland but specifically NCP has quite a few in London, Wiltshire and Lancashire.  The team manager roles are London based.

The link to the job vacancies is here:  https://www.eurocarparks.com/job-vacancies . All the parking attendant jobs are on there, plus a few others.

The junior management Job Description is  here:  NCP Client Services Training and Development Coordinator.

Please ignore the email addresses shown and instead email David direct at  [email protected]