Currently over 4,000 Fusilier 50 commemorative medals have either been sold to members of the Regimental Association, or issued to serving Fusiliers.

RHQ has been approached by one of the Area Associations to see if the medal is still available to purchase.

RHQ has spoken to Fusiliers Direct and they are prepared to produce a final run of the Fusilier 50 Medal and certificate.  However, to make the production affordable the minimum order they are prepared to commission is 250.

The cost per medal and certificate will be £22.99 including VAT.  No further discounts will be available (including for bulk purchases).  The cost of delivery “signed for” is £5.40.  However, bulk (5 or more) delivery of the medal is possible at a reduced cost.

To make an individual order or to make a bulk order of the Fusilier 50 Medal and certificate please send an email to: [email protected]

Please enter in the subject box of the email:  Fusilier 50 Medal C/O Julie

and include the following information in the message:



Quantity of Medals Required:

You should be aware that your order details will be passed to a third party  – Fusiliers Direct.  Payment will be made to Fusiliers Direct when requested.

Finally, please note that the production of the medal and certificates will not begin until we have over 200 orders.

The closing date for orders will be 12 December 2018.