British troops deployed onto the streets of Northern Ireland on the 14 August 1969, in response to growing sectarian unrest.  The military campaign was code named OP BANNER and the General Service Medal (Northern Ireland) was awarded to over 300k Service personnel that were deployed into Northern Ireland over the subsequent 38 years. In total, 1,441 UK Armed Forces personnel died as result of operations in Northern Ireland or paramilitary actions in other countries. All their names are listed on the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA).

This August, two commemorations events are being held to commemorate the 50thanniversary of the start of Op BANNER:

  • A Royal British Legion (RBL) organised event for all Arms & Services
  • An event arranged by RHQ and the Regimental Association for Fusiliers only

Please note that the two are separate events.



The Royal British Legion will host a commemorative event on Wednesday 14 August 2019 beginning at 2.00pm to mark the 50th anniversary of the UK Armed Forces’ deployment on operations in Northern Ireland – the longest continuous campaign in British military history.

The event will be held at the National Memorial Arboretum. Please note that this RBL Op Banner 50 event will be a closed, accredited event.  You need to be a holder of the General Service Medal (Northern Ireland) as it is not open to the general public.

For more information on the Op Banner 50 event please visit the RBL website:  You are strongly recommended to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which you will find once you open the above link.

This event is likely to be well attended (maximum 20,000 attendees) and the details of what the RBL is planning on the day are still being formulated.  Please note that the Regiment will nothave any formal representation at this event due to its size.

However, you may attend as an individual.  If so, you can bid for a named, non-transferrable ticket and RHQ FUSILIERS has been asked by RBL to collate applications from Fusilier individuals.

If you wish to attend as an individual, please complete the following information:

  • Rank
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Approx Tour dates

Then send your application to the following email address:

[email protected], putting in the Subject Box:    RBL OP BANNER 50 Event. Attn of Julie Lok

Bids are required by 10thJune.

Please ensure you put RBL OP BANNER 50 Event in the Subject Box



Due to the size of the above RBL event, the Regiment and the Regimental Association has decided that we will hold our own Regimental Northern Ireland commemoration on Saturday 10thAugust.  This is totally separate from the RBL event above and is ours alone.

It will be open to all Fusilier Northern Ireland veterans and their families and the dependants of those whose who were killed by terrorist action or died whilst on service in Northern Ireland or on the UK Mainland (by terrorist action).

Outline – Details to follow once planning is complete.

  • Early morning travel to NMA
  • Late morning: Memorial service at the Fusilier Memorial at the NMA. The Warwickshire Association Band (Vol) will be supporting the event.
  • A chance for veterans and families to visit the NMA and the Armed Forces Memorial.
  • Early Afternoon: move to a local hostelry for a reception.
  • Return

Travel.  Travel will be at the individuals cost; however, it is planned to subsidise coach transport from each of the 4 Regimental areas subject to demand.

Costs:  Costs will be advised but is also planned to subsidise the post event reception.

Numbers.  Currently we have reserved places for 200 attendees with the NMA events team. However, if demand is greater RHQ will apply to the NMA to increase the numbers.

If you want to attend the Regimental Commemoration event on Saturday 10thAugust, then please complete the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Additional attendees

Then send it by email to the following: [email protected]

In the Subject Box insert:    FUSILIER OP BANNER Event 10 August 2019.

Then complete the table below:

Bids are required by 3rdJune.

Please ensure you put FUSILIER OP BANNER 50 Event in the Subject Box.

Please Remember:

The above two events are not linked.

RHQ FUSILIERS is only collating individual requests for the RBL event – we are notinvolved in the organisation of the event and are unable to answer questions on it.