On 23rd April 2018 the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be 50 years old and the Colonel of the Regiment has directed that the Regiment celebrate its 50th birthday in appropriate style.

The 23rd April 2018 is just under 80 weeks away – watch the counter on this RHQ RRF website.  The aim of this brief is to start notifying serving Fusiliers, Fusilier veterans and Fusilier family & friends on how the Regiment intends to celebrate its birthday.


Currently our plans see a range of events and activities taking place between the 23rd April 2018 and 11th November 2018.  The programme of activities and events will take place across the Regimental areas and it is hoped will cater to all.


Colonel (Retd) Brian Gorski MBE has very kindly volunteered his services to be the Chairman of the Fusilier 50th Planning Committee.  In conjunction with RHQ staff, he will prepare the detailed programme of events which will be published before Christmas 2016.


The planning and delivery of the proposed programme is a massive task.  Colonel Brian will be approaching some of you to support the Planning Committee by sitting on the various sub-committees that will plan the events and raise funds etc..  More details from Colonel Brian and the Planning Committee will be published soon.


What you can do now

In order to get maximum engagement from all Fusiliers and the wider Fusilier family, RHQ needs your help to develop our Fusilier contact database so that we can keep you informed of what is happening.  We already have an extensive contact database but we know that we do not reach all former Fusiliers with either RHQ News, the Newsletter or the RHQ RRF website.  We need to do better.


Therefore, RHQ would be most grateful, if those who read this note either forward it directly to former Fusilier colleagues and family or post it on your social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) sites so we can inform as many as possible what is planned.


We would like those who wish to celebrate Fusilier 50 in 2018 to send us their email address so that we will be able to keep them informed of our plans.  (For those concerned about data protection the contact email addresses will only be used by the Regiment and would not be given out to other third parties.)


Please send your email address to [email protected] .  For those without one, please send you contact postal address to:


Chief Clerk
Regimental Headquarters
HM Tower of London
London EC3N 4AB