There is an American initiative which benefits their veterans, either as they transition to civilian life or once they have transitioned.  There is now potential to extend the offer to our veterans.

SAP National Security Services is a security infrastructure software company which, through a non-profit arm called NS2 Serves, offers free technical training through the running of an intense 3-month programme to help train, qualify and find jobs for veterans.  The proposal offers places for our veterans on their courses (the first opportunity was in Sep 18 in Leesburg, Virginia, USA).  All participants receive software training and certification on vital skills ranging from SAP to finance.  

The next course starts in Spring 19 in Leesburg, Virginia, USA and they would welcome nominations for the course from the British Army veterans.  Places are tight and open to all British Army Arms & Services. 

If you meet the criteria and would like to submit your name, contact Regt Sec at RHQ by 14 Jan 19 at the latest.  

More details of “NS2 Serves” are here: “NS2 Serves” Overview

The criteria is below.

  • Who is eligible?
    • 0-7 years out of the military
    • Honourably discharged
    • High school / Secondary School or GED equivalent
    • No IT experience needed
    • Suggestion is all veterans.  Technical aptitude is not limited to STEM related cap badges.
  • Financial arrangements?
    • SAP’s partner, the Cloud Leadership Centre, is working to cover the travel fees to the United States.
    • All course fees will be covered by NS2, at no cost to the student.
    • Any personal travel on weekends in the United States will be covered by the student.
  • Are job vacancies available in the UK and would similar opportunities be available following training?
    • The program presently holds a 100% success rate in placing veterans after the program. Our partner company that helped identify the situation is working with partners in the industry to identify employment opportunities for our British veterans

A reminder.  If you would like to submit your name, contact Regt Sec at RHQ by 14 Jan 19 at the latest.