W (Gallipoli) Company are all set for  a major training exercise in Canada

Members of Bury based W (Gallipoli) Company 5 FUSILIERS are making final preparations for a major training exercise in Canada.

14 Fusilier Reservists will deploy at the end of June to BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) where they will work alongside 1 FUSILIERS as Armoured Infantry with their Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles.  The two week exercise will provide Reservists with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills working alongside Regulars.

Sgt Jed Dyson, a Permanent Staff instructor with W (Gallipoli) Coy said: “BATUS is a fabulous opportunity for our W Company soldiers to learn and work alongside 1 FUSILIERS  in a training environment. We’re all really looking forward to going to Canada and fully intend to make the most of this opportunity to learn and develop new skills in combat.”

Taking part in the exercise will be two Fusiliers from Bury – Fusilier Joe Atkinson-Riley (20) from Middleton and Fusiliers Nathan Watt (24) from Tottington. Both went to school in Bury before joining the Regiment. Fusilier Atkinson – Riley joined as a Reservist two years ago, whilst Fusilier Watt was in 1 FUSILIERS for five years before joining 5 FUSILIERS two years ago.

Fusilier Watt added “Many of my family members had also been in the Army so becoming a soldier was a natural career choice for me. The Army has already given me so many opportunities to make the most of having already served in Cyprus, Lithuania, Germany and Jordan so I fully intend to make the most of my time in BATUS and learn from the very best.”

On returning from BATUS both Fusiliers plan to complete a promotion course to gain their Lance Corporal’s stripe before deploying on a six month United Nations operational tour of Cyprus early next year.