Following the Army 2020 Refine decisions announced earlier this year the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General PAE Nanson CBE and all Fusiliers today welcome back under the command of the Fifth Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers the following:


  • A (Fusilier) Company based in Sheldon, Birmingham, formerly under command 4th Battalion, The Mercian Regiment


  • C (City of London Fusiliers) Company based in Balham, formerly under command of the London Regiment


  • The Machine Gun Platoon based in Bury, formerly under command of the 4th Battalion the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.



With effect from 1st October 2017 the Fifth Battalion will be ‘paired’ with the First Battalion providing individual and formed reinforcements in the Armoured Infantry role and will also be re-subordinated to 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade.


Importantly the Regiment has now re-established a Regimental command structure across the antecedent Fusilier areas which is fantastic news and further strengthens the Regiment.