Now the Infantry is open to women

On 8 July 2016, the Prime Minister announced that the Government was to lift the exclusion on women serving in Ground Close Combat (GCC) roles. Royal Armoured Corps units were opened to women in 2016, followed by the RAF Regiment in September 2017.

Since November 2016, the British Army has around 35 women either serving in the Royal Armoured Corps or being trained to join. Some of these women have deployed in role overseas to Estonia and Oman.

Infantry units will be open to serving female personnel who wish to transfer from other parts of the Army. New recruits to the infantry will be able to join in early 2019. Further details will be subject to a formal announcement.

Please note the following about Women in Ground Close Combat roles:

  • All roles in the Army are now open to women, including the Infantry.
  • The opportunities available to women in the Army are the same as the opportunities to men.
  • It’s about the opportunity, not about the numbers.
  • Women have been in combat facing roles for decades, opening the Infantry to women is a natural progression.
  • In an age of constant global competition, it is the quality and diversity of our people that gives the British Army its unique edge.
  • The British Army is a fine example of an equal opportunities employer.

Answers to any general WGCC enquires can be found at the Army website here